Slang Words 🤙

Slang is language of an informal register that members of particular in-groups prefer over the common vocabulary of a standard language in order to establish group identity, exclude outsiders, or both. The word itself came about in the 18th century and has been defined in multiple ways since its conception. With each definition, the implications of slang vary.

British Slang Words

  1. to bagsy - to manage to get something for yourself before anyone else can
    You can’t sit there! I bagsied the front seat of the car!
  2. bloke - a man
    I thought he was going to be arrogant but he was such a nice bloke!
  3. bog - a toilet
    Mum! You’ve forgotten to buy bog roll!
  4. to budge up - to move along in order to make space for someone
    Would you mind budging up? There is enough room for all of us on this bench!
  5. to cheese off - to annoy
    He really cheesed me off today! Who doese he think he is?
  6. chin wag - enthusiatic conversation
    I saw them having a chin wag at the park - maybe there is romance in the air!
  7. chuffed - very pleased
    I am so chuffed with my exam resultes! The were way better than I expected!
  8. codswallop - ideas, statements or beliefs that you think are silly or not true
    I’ve never heard such a load of old codswallop in my life.
  9. dodgy - seeming untrustworthy
    Don’t speak to that old woman. she seems really dodgy!
  10. dosh - money
    How much dosh have you got on you?
  11. fit - attractive
    I met such a fit guy at the party last night!
  12. gutted - extremely sad or disappointed
    I was completely gutted when we had to cancel our wedding, but I feel a lot better now.
  13. knackered - extremely tired
    I was so knackered after work yesterday that I fell asleep on the train!
  14. legend - a great person
    I love you, you’re such a legend!
  15. miffed - annoyed
    I’m a bit miffed that I didn’t get the job as I was the best candidate by far!
  16. minted - very rich
    My uncle lives in a castle - he is absolutely minted!
  17. skint - having no money
    I can’t go out tonight - I’m completely skint.
  18. to skive - to avoid work or school by staying away or leaving early
    I always skive off work the day after a bank holiday!
  19. starkers - not wearing any clothes (abbreviation of stark naked)
    Entering the bathroom, I found Bill there, still starkers after his bath.
  20. to take the mickey - to mock
    Are you taking the mickey? I’m not going to drive you to the airport.

Conversational English Slang Words

  1. What’s up? – Hey; what are you doing?
  2. I feel you – I understand and empathize with you.
    I feel you. That was really unfair.
  3. I get it – I understand.
    I get it now! Thank you for explaining that.
  4. Same here – I agree.
  5. My bad – My mistake.
    My bad! I didn’t mean to do that.
  6. Oh my God! – (Used to describe excitement or surprise).
    Oh my God! You scared me!
  7. You bet – Certainly; you’re welcome.
  8. No worries – That’s alright.
    No worries about the mess. I’ll clean it up.
  9. No biggie – It’s not a problem.
  10. No big deal.
  11. No sweat.
  12. No problem.

American English Slang Descriptors

  1. Laid back – Relaxed or calm.
    This weekend was very laid back.
  2. Chill – (Same as above).
  3. Sweet – Fantastic.
  4. Cool – (Same as above).
  5. Lame – The opposite of cool or fantastic.
    That’s so lame that you can’t go out tonight.
  6. Bomb – Really good.
    That sandwich was bomb.
  7. Bummer – A disappointment.
    That’s such a bummer. I’m sorry that happened.
  8. Shady – Questionable or suspicious.
    I saw a shady guy in my neighborhood last night.
  9. Hot – Attractive.
    He/she is hot.
  10. Beat – Tired.
    I was so beat after that soccer game.
  11. Sick – Awesome.
    Those shoes are sick!
  12. Epic – Grand or awesome.
    That was an epic party last night.
  13. Ripped – Very physically fit.
    Tom is ripped!
  14. Cheesy – Silly.
    The romantic comedy we watched was very cheesy.
  15. Corny – (Same as above).
  16. Flakey – Indecisive.
    John is so flakey. He never shows up when he says he will.
  17. It sucked – It was bad/poor quality.
    That movie sucked.

English Slang for People & Relationships

  1. Babe – Your significant other; an attractive individual.
    Hey babe! She’s a babe.
  2. Have a crush – Attracted to someone romantically.
    I have a big crush on him.
  3. Dump – To end a romantic relationship with someone.
    She dumped him last May.
  4. Ex – An old relationship or spouse.
    That’s my ex girlfriend.
  5. A turn off – Something that’s repulsive.
    Bad cologne is a turn off.
  6. Party animal – One who loves parties.
    Jerry is a party animal.
  7. Couch potato – A lazy person.
    Don’t be a couch potato! Let’s go for a hike.
  8. Whiz – A really smart person.
    Sally is a whiz at math.
  9. Chicken – Coward.
    Don’t be a chicken! Go ice skating with me.
  10. Chick – A girl or young woman.
    That chick is hilarious.
  11. Getting hitched – Getting married.
    Tom and Sally are getting hitched.
  12. Tying the knot – (Same as above).
  13. They got fired – They lost their job.
    Did Jerry get fired?

American Slang for Social Events

  1. Hang out – To spend time with others.
    Want to hang out with us?
  2. I’m down – I’m able to join.
    I’m down for ping pong.
  3. I’m game – (Same as above).
  4. I’m in – (Same as above).
  5. A blast – A very fun event.
    Last night was a blast!
  6. Show up – Arrive at an event.
    I can’t show up until 7.
  7. Flick – A movie.
    Want to see a flick on Friday?
  8. Grub – Food.
    Want to get some grub tonight?
  9. Wasted – Intoxicated.
    She was wasted last night.
  10. Drunk – (Same as above).
  11. Booze – Alcohol.
    Will they have booze at the party?

American English Slang for Actions

  1. Pig out – To eat a lot.
    I pigged out last night at McDonald’s.
  2. Crash – To fall asleep quickly.
    After all those hours of studying I crashed.
  3. Lighten up – Relax.
    Lighten up! It was an accident.
  4. Screw up – To make a mistake.
    Sorry I screwed up and forgot our plans.
  5. Goof – (Same as above).
  6. Score – To get something desirable.
    I scored the best seats in the stadium!
  7. Wrap up – To finish something.
    Let’s wrap up in five minutes.
  8. Ace – Pass a test with 100%.
    I think I’m going to ace the exam.
  9. Cram – To study a lot before an exam.
    Sorry I can’t go out. I have to cram tonight.
  10. Bail – To leave abruptly.
    I’m sorry I had to bail last night.
  11. Ditch – To skip an event.
    I’m going to ditch class tomorrow to go to the beach.
  12. Busted – Caught doing something wrong.
    I got busted for turning in homework late.

Miscellaneous American Slang Words

  1. Freebie – Something that is free.
    The bumper sticker was a freebie.
  2. Lemon – A bad purchase.
    That phone case was a lemon.
  3. Shades – Sunglasses.
    I can’t find my shades.
  4. Shotgun – The front seat of a car.
    Can I sit shotgun?
  5. In no time – Very soon.
    We’ll have our homework done in no time.
  6. Buck – One dollar.
    It only costs a buck.
  7. Rip-off – A purchase that was very overpriced.
    That phone case was a rip-off.